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I would like to comment on the letter from a woman who was upset that the media was picking on President Bush. I would like to remind her that he is not being selectively chosen for ridicule. Every person of high profile is fair game for this kind of treatment and is at the mercy of the media and talk-show hosts. This is called freedom of speech, and is guaranteed by our Constitution.

The writer stated that the media are trying to make a fool of Bush, just as they tried with Dan Quayle. No one can make a fool of either of those gentlemen. Only they can -- and they are quite accomplished at it.

If, instead of compiling a book on language errors, she had collected Quayle's embarrassing statements, she'd have a book as thick as an unabridged dictionary. My favorite Quayle quotation is, "It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water."

She further stated that Bush may not be the brightest man in the world, but he is intellectually superior to Bill Clinton. Aside from her assertion being almost a contradiction of terms, she should remember a couple of important facts about the presidency.

We are not just the most powerful country in the world, we are a world leader. We need a president who is knowledgeable, astute and mentally sharp, not a fuzzy-thinking malaprop with a short attention span. The wrong move could cause serious problems and destruction.

Bush will occupy the oval office for the next four years. The American people have the right to expect him to be in charge and to act decisively and intelligently. I certainly don't want important decisions being made by individuals the likes of his secretary of the Interior, who feels that land owners have the right to pollute.

Be that as it may, the only encouraging spot I see on the horizon is that with its current makeup, Congress can exert a curbing force. We obviously cannot depend upon the Supreme Court.

East Amherst

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