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All My Children: Jake told Gillian that she's pregnant and it's his child. Vanessa realized that "Arlene" was really Hayley as they quarreled about the stolen necklace. Adam's private eye fired at "Arlene," but it was Vanessa who was shot. After making love to David again, Dixie convinced him to put aside his hatred of Vanessa and operate to save her life. Mateo tracked down "Arlene" at the Pit and discovered that Hayley had split into Arlene's personality. Tad planned to win Dixie back by proving that David was behind the Libidozone drugging, while Leslie threatened to tell Dixie everything unless David gave her more drugs. Greenlee suspected Roger of stealing from her trust fund. Coming: Bianca finds a noble purpose.

As the World Turns: Katie found a surprise at the doctor's office, where "Henrietta" was there to offer help. Lily received a rude awakening. Hal's attempt to save his marriage was undermined by Craig. Julia set a trap she hoped would keep Jack close to her while she shared a trip down memory lane with Carly. Emily and Isaac found common ground. Ben and Denise reached closure. Additional questions arose about Vicky's death as the evidence pointed in a new direction. Coming: Molly and Jake come closer to the truth.

Bold and Beautiful: Deacon finally helped Amber by saying that he saw the fight in his apartment and lied that Carmen must have gone up to the roof afterward. Amber was hopeful when Deacon then allowed her to bring the baby home for a visit with Rick. However, after a brutal encounter with his stepfather, Deacon told a disappointed Amber that he intends to keep his son. Stephanie had the movers pack Morgan's things. Morgan agreed to leave only after Stephanie promised not to trash her name professionally or follow her. Ridge and Taylor's celebration after they renewed their vows turned into chaos when, en route to their special island with the children, the boat ran into trouble. Coming: A frantic search ensues.

Days of Our Lives: Charles looked on at a happy Greta and Austin and prepared to spoil her happiness at the coronation. Alice convinced Jennifer to go to the coronation in her place, then secretly made a call, trying to get through to Jack. Philip was horrified to walk in on his mother and Moroni in an intimate moment. A devastated Kate then tried calling off the hit against Victor, but Moroni told her it was too late. Later, after the hit man told Moroni that he overheard Brandon pledging his love to Sami, a furious Moroni said that he wants Sami and Brandon dead as well. Lexie considered staying in Paris. Coming: Mortal danger at the coronation.

General Hospital: Luke was able to gain access to the Cassadine funds, but his plan to recover the ice princess from the bank failed. Sonny asked Carly to marry him, and she agreed to a romantic wedding in Barbados. Emily was stunned when the police arrived to arrest Zander. Realizing that Edward had called the cops, Emily vowed never to forgive him. Bobbie met Melissa and learned that Melissa knows who she is. Liz panicked at the photo shoot, shaken by memories of her rape. Helena struck out with Florence and turned to an unwitting Stefan to break up the budding romance of Nikolas and Gia. Felicia and Mac got closer to Sorel. Coming: Hannah agrees to a date with A.J.

Guiding Light: A rescue mission was launched, while a desperate Reva threatened to take action. The crisis situation reconnected Reva and Josh. Richard looked for proof of his parentage, while an unknowing Edmund wooed Beth. Danny turned to Abuela for help. Ross questioned Phillip's feelings toward Beth. Holly was shocked by the lengths to which Blake would go for a commitment. Coming: An eventful evening for Buzz and Holly.

One Life to Live: Todd and Blair finally made love, and Blair agreed to marry him. Max, now certain of Skye's innocence, teamed up with her to destroy Todd and Blair. Skye agreed to help Max in his plan to seduce Blair, but an unseen kidnapper got to her first. Thinking he heard her secret, Bo stopped Melanie before she revealed the truth about her father's death and she agreed to marry him. As Antonio was telling Sophia that he's not over Roseanne, a tipsy Roseanne fell prey to Colin's seduction. After evading gunfire while leaving Llanview on their mission, Gina set up herself and Ben in the motel where they first made love, stirring up a lot of old feelings. Coming: R.J. threatens to spill a secret.

Passions: After reading the tabloid newspaper, Julian learned that Ethan is really Sam Bennett's son. The reporter gave Julian a copy of Ivy's letter to Sam as proof. A devastated Julian called Ivy a slut in front of everyone and floored her by saying that he knows about her lover. A tormented Kay tried to help Charity, who was being dragged into hell by demons, but it appeared that Charity was losing her battle. Hecuba stalled over returning Kay's soul and privately intended never to give it back. Tabitha was attacked at the motel by an ax-wielding Norma. Luis and Sheridan enjoyed a romantic evening, oblivious of impending doom. Coming: Rebecca looks forward to Theresa's downfall.

Port Charles: Eve remembered being in love with Ian and walked out on the vow renewal. While looking for Ian, Eve met Ben, who was initially charming. However, Ben's angry outburst caused Eve to fear that he may be dangerous, as Ian came to her rescue. Jack told Livvie that he never cared for her and it was all a game. Livvie later got stuck on a train, trapped amongst the baggage with a stowaway. A frustrated Kevin decided to take a trip out of town and had to share a train compartment with the enemy. Coming: Livvie overhears a private conversation.

Young and Restless: Victor told his family that the paternity test indicates that he is not the father of Diane's baby. Diane was stunned to learn Victor's news, as he then threatened legal action if she doesn't leave town. Brittany didn't want to hear anything that Mac had to say and a shoving match ensued until Raul broke it up. Later, J.T. was surprised when Mac asked if his invitation to the rave was still open. Carter looked on as Jordan bought the bag of coffee filled with drugs from an unsuspecting Nick. Things became tense between Neil and Alex when he learned that she sought advice from Malcolm. Tomas told Nina he's leaving town. Coming: Nick is unaware he's being set up.

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