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After reading the Jan. 27 News article about the indictment of Walter Knightner on charges of attempting to murder four Buffalo police officers, I am outraged at the fact that our governor wants to do away with the "Rockefeller" drug laws. Knightner was placed on probation for a drug offense and was granted a conditional discharge on another drug case. If anything, the drug laws are too lenient.

As a local law enforcement officer, I have seen this leniency firsthand. I have personally seen an individual arrested for possessing two illegal handguns and a large quantity of crack cocaine receive five years' probation. Another individual received one year in jail for three different cases that involved selling and possessing crack cocaine and an illegal handgun.

Maybe if Knightner had been sentenced to jail time rather than probation, these four officers, who are all personal friends of mine, would not have been placed in the situation that every law enforcement officer fears - one in which they may lose their own life or be forced to take the life of another person. So don't tell me that we need to "loosen" the drug laws.



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