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The Jan. 28 News article, "The accused - 5 lives in turmoil," successfully turned the five people charged with viciously killing James J. Mack into "victims." If every child who has had a difficult upbringing went out and committed such a sickening act, we would all be in a great deal of trouble.

Call it "reactive attachment disorder" or call it what you like. The truth is, the people who committed this crime are sick human beings who have no place in society.

Watching the suspects being led into the Holding Center, laughing and waving to the camera, made me sick to my stomach. It is cases such as this that allow me to accept the death penalty as a valid form of punishment. The five suspects should all be charged with first-degree murder. If they were all present during the length of the attack, then they are all equally to blame for the death of an innocent young man.

Instead of wasting so much time and effort crying about a "less-than-desireable" upbringing, The News should write an article about Mack's family members, whose lives are surely in turmoil.



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