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I couldn't believe Mayor Anthony Masiello's reaction to the recent News article referring to wealth accumulation, in which Buffalo ranked 108 out of 125.

The mayor said, "These lists don't mean a thing," even as Buffalo's standing dropped 13 percent in the last two years. What an amazingly cavalier attitude.

How about the following lists and studies? I suppose they don't mean anything either.

A cost premium of 53 percent to live and do business in Western New York, the highest in the nation - Kiplinger's Magazine.

Buffalo is not a business-friendly city - Fortune Magazine.

Buffalo wages are below the national average - National Business Employment Weekly.

Racism is worse here than it was 50 years ago - Center for Urban Studies at the University at Buffalo.

A population exodus of more than 12,000 people in 1998.

A school system that is essentially in shambles.

Let's fast forward to the recent News revelation concerning interscholastic sports programs. The story confirms that programs have been neglected for decades.

The mayor's quote was, "It's long, long overdue. You have to invest in the physical well-being of our students." How long has Masiello been mayor?

The story went on to talk about changing city heating ordinances to allow for better access to schools after regular hours. He stated, "If I have to modernize ordinances, tell me what they are, and I'll do it."

This is the future of Buffalo? The city has a clueless reactionist, not a knowledgeable proactivist, leading the way.



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