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I would like to voice my opinion regarding what I witnessed at the Democratic Party Reorganization Meeting on Sept. 20.

I was mortified by the behavior of the entire Erie County Democratic Committee, especially Secretary Laurence F. Adamczyk, who was chosen to speak by Chairman Steven Pigeon. Adamczyk's sarcastic behavior proved to me how unprofessional this committee is being run.

Every time James M. Shaw, David Swarts' chief lawyer, tried to speak on behalf of all of us, he was shut down. It was like a child's game, shutting off microphones so that it was nearly impossible for anyone to hear what needed to be heard from our elected officials.

I grew up with great pride in being a Democrat and I have only supported the people who I believe are best suited to represent us. As with any other community, South Buffalo is very close-knit and the majority of us have strong Democratic beliefs.

I believe Pigeon and the rest of his committee have ruined the integrity that our local government fought so long and hard for. Over the last few months, people I know and respect had verbalized their fears about this meeting because of intimidation tactics used by committee members.

I feel that Swarts, who was running against Pigeon, was trying to protect all of us by giving us the right to cast our vote privately and without fear of intimidation. Adamczyk's refusal to hold a secret ballot proved to me that they knew they would lose such a vote. If we the people let this go on, we should question our own integrity.


South District 29

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