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Sometimes we can't see the answer when it's right in our face. The state doesn't have to dump millions into road widening, sidewalks and center turning lanes along Route 5 from Old Big Tree and Old Lakeshore roads. The solutions are fairly simple and inexpensive.

One solution is to install speed-control sensors on traffic lights already in place, set at a legal speed limit through the effective area. Exceed the legal speed limit and the lights turn red.

The other is to have synchronized lights, such as those on Elm Street in Buffalo. When the first light turns green, drivers may proceed at a legal limit just in time for the next light to turn green, and so on down the entire length of the street. If timed right, drivers never have to stop. This is very effective and simple speed control. Those who are aware of this light system know there is no point racing to the next light because they'll only have to stop.

These solutions would save millions of dollars for taxpayers, avoid construction delays and headaches and keep the issue from becoming a political hot potato.



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