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As someone whose family has selected gravesites in the German-French cemetery for almost a century, my outrage in reading of the recent vandalism was equaled only by my disappointment in the cemetery management's apathy to this situation. While the police are pursuing the matter, the cemetery seemingly takes no preventative measures.

I have been visiting loved ones' graves there for 40 years and the conditions have continued to deteriorate. I have witnessed a variety of activities taking place, such as people walking dogs without cleaning up after them, remnants of teen parties and even someone washing his car using one of the water faucets provided for watering flowers.

The snow removal and lawn care services are not of quality, and there have been times that I have been unable to drive to certain sections. The lawn cutters damage the monuments and proper trimming is rarely done. I often bring hand-held clippers and do it myself.

The gates to the cemetery haven't been closed in probably 30 years. At least that might provide some deterrent. In addition, security/maintenance should patrol the grounds and management should request frequent police patrols.

The TV ads for Mount Calvary show a photogenic, well-maintained view and mention "maintaining the memories." What about the dignity of the deceased and respect for their loved ones who visit?

Where is the money going that was paid for a plot that is supposed to be "eternally" maintained? Perhaps the $5,000 being paid now for repairs could have been spent on efforts to prevent the vandalism. I hope management gives these concerns the attention they deserve.



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