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Bolstering his image as Mexico's free-trade salesman, President-elect Vicente Fox on Thursday promised to carry his economic vision to Europe, where he says a recently signed pact has the potential to become another North American Free Trade Agreement.

In detailing his tour of five European nations, Fox called the free-trade agreement with the European Union a "huge opportunity." The pact, signed in July, has the potential to break Mexico's long-standing dependence on the United States.

The trip, to begin Saturday and extend to next Friday, is part of Fox's globe-trotting effort to market Mexico as one of the world's most avid practitioners of free trade. Fox will visit France, England, Spain, Germany and Belgium.

Fox, a former Coca-Cola executive, will sell Mexico as the gateway to the world's largest consumer market -- the United States and Canada. He will take office Dec. 1.

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