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A recent contributor to "Everybody's Column" didn't like Rick Lazio's call for real reform in campaign financing during the first debate with Hillary Clinton. Because of this, the writer is now supporting Clinton.

I challenge the writer's supposed development of events to being "swayed" for the Clinton royalty. With this logic, then why is there a base of support in Buffalo for an administration that has done nothing for the area?

The "whole" country is doing so "well" economically, yet we are paying higher prices than ever in heating oil and gas, with still no health care relief, still no FICA reform and only symbolic labor strength. Upstate New York is suffering from the lack of funds that the Clinton administration failed to return. Is there a hostage situation here? Vote for us or else?

At least be honest about any rationale. When you are for Clinton, say so. If you found Lazio's stunt offensive, then challenge it. I am a registered Democrat who is not for Clinton, definitely not for Lazio, but for real representation and concern. We need another major party soon. Any change would be better than the choices the "rulers" allow us.



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