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It is interesting to see everybody jump on the bandwagon for another transportation bond for New York State. This bond issue will be for $3.8 billion, which is to be added to the $30.4 billion left over from previous bond votes.

According to The News article, New York City would receive "roughly" 50 percent of the $34.2 billion, which is the combined total. The word "roughly" is not what I want to hear when it pertains to New York City.

A portion of the money is to be used to expand Route 219 from Springville to Salamanca. Some think this will do wonders for the area. To me, it means sprawl along Route 219. It means a few truck companies with headquarters in Georgia and Florida can bypass the Thruway and save a few bucks. It means landowners can sell off their farmland for retail development. To spend $500 million to widen Route 219 seems like a waste. I'm opposed to this bond issue.



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