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The Silver Creek Central School Board will leave two seats vacant until its July 2001 reorganizational meeting.

The board voted Wednesday in favor of operating as a seven-member board during the interim period of October 2000 through March 2001.

The board also will determine whether or not a referendum should be put on the May 15 ballot to officially reduce the seats to seven from nine members. Former President Daniel Gard and member Marge Foxton resigned in July because of a dispute over the election of a new vice president. Gard thought Foxton should have been elected by a gentlemen's agreement because she was the trustee with the most seniority.

Member Timothy Roche was elected vice president in July. As a result, Foxton and Gard submitted their resignations, and the School Board processed them on July 21. Since the resignations were processed, Roche has taken over as president.

The board will still require a majority vote of five to pass a motion.

"I am comfortable with the decision," Roche said, adding that many community members approached the board and said maybe nine members was too many.

"Most (boards) don't have nine (members)," he said. "Most have seven or five." He said the board agreed it was not a good idea to get into the appointment process because of all of the controversy that surrounded the board in the past two months.

"Let's let the people make the choice. If the people want seven, let the people have seven. If the people want nine, let the people have nine. And then have the people select who they want to sit on this board, not have this board select who sits on this board," he said.

In other business, the board discussed making Forestville and Bennett-State roads into a 20 mph school zone. Also, the board wants to place signs designating a school zone.

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