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As one of this year's legitimate Democratic candidates who participated in the Sept. 12 primary for the 141st Assembly seat, it has always been my understanding that when one makes the ballot for public office as I did, all candidates are treated equally. I was appalled by the unfair reporting and coverage by The News and all three local television channels in their display of favoritism toward Arthur Eve and Crystal Peoples.

Instead of taking the path of unbiased journalism leading to a level playing field, they took the road to swaying and molding the voting public to believe that there were only two candidates to focus on. In each major News article on the race, much print was given to these two candidates, with only a line or two about me.

There is no room for biased coverage for those in the business of reporting the news. Once again, the voters were shortchanged in learning about my major issues, such as term limits for all elected office holders, revitalizing the old Central Terminal, creating competition to reduce high air fares and developing new jobs, just to name a few.



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