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I am very distressed by the way the veterans from the LST (landing ship tank) Convention were treated in Buffalo. The so-called "All American City" did not live up to its expectations at all. More than 1,000 people from all over the country came in good faith and expected the same from Buffalo. Instead they received no welcome from the mayor or anyone else in the political arena.

When the sailors wanted to lay a wreath in the waters off the USS Little Rock, the Naval Park wanted to charge them admission. The manager said he could not allow these veterans free admission to the park because if he did it for one group, he would have to do it for all. These people spent their money in Buffalo. If we cannot allow them free entry to the Naval Park, which was the primary reason they came here, then the city is on the wrong path regarding conventions.

Buffalo says it wants the business of tourists, but when a large gathering does come, the visitors are treated poorly. Those in attendance at the convention will go back to their own states, and I am sure Buffalo will be on their minds for years to come. The city had an opportunity to show people from other states that Buffalo cares. Instead, these veterans will go home with ill feelings. So much for the title of All American City.



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