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Let's hear it for the Buffalo-Niagara Region. This area appears to be on the cusp of some very significant economic and technological gains. Simultaneously, a national advertising and marketing campaign began in August that will showcase this area and all of its offerings to a national audience. As strong supporters and goodwill ambassadors of this city, we are offering some very simple suggestions to city officials.

As city residents who have recently returned to this area, we view the cityscape with no point of reference, yet with the expectations of a city that is progressive and innovative. With that stated, why are the streets littered with so much trash and debris? On Elmwood Avenue, south of Bryant Street to the downtown area, the street, curb and surrounding landscape are in severe need of garbage removal and maintenance.

We recently entertained out-of-town guests and walked to a local coffee shop. Needless to say, it was a true embarrassment. How can we lure national industry to the area when it appears as if we have no pride in our living environment? The fencing along the Kensington exit at Locust Street needs to be repaired. The Delaware Avenue median after the S curve went a better part of the summer without a grass cutting, and when it was completed, the trash was not removed prior to the mowing.

Let's make a concerted effort as a community to raise the level of aesthetics throughout our city.




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