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Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, held an intimate gathering of, oh, about 2,000 close friends over the weekend in Hollywood, celebrating the star couple's joint birthday.

Pals of Will and Jada gathered at the Globe Theater on the massive Universal backlot. It was all pretty hip and hip-hop. Jada, who is eight months pregnant with her second child, shrieked and squirmed with embarrassment as Will unveiled a special filmed tribute to his beloved - a "This Is Your Life"-style compilation with remarks from friends, family and lots of those awkward childhood and adolescent photos you hope never to see again. Will laughed and said, "Everybody watch this carefully, because for sure Jada's never gonna let me show it again!"

But the subject of the night was not Jada's teen years. It was Will Smith's body. Preparing for his big-screen role as Muhammad Ali, Will, who has always been in excellent shape, now looks, in the words of one partygoer, "like a Greek god. He's cut, ripped, buffed. Ali himself never looked this good!"

I'm predicting some sizzling Herb Ritts-Bruce Weber-type photo layouts before Will relaxes his regimen and goes back to having just a normally sexy bod.

P.S. The most talked-about celeb sighting at the Smith-Pinkett "do" was Lara Flynn Boyle. The talented but always wraithlike star of "The Practice" looked to observers to be even thinner. Lost her appetite in the wake of losing Jack Nicholson? Get over it, girl. Do you think Jack's wasting away?

Jamie Lee Curtis, one of the most terrific women in "the biz" - a marvelous actress, author of charming and astute children's books and a real, real human being - comes clean to Redbook's Jeanne Wolf for November. She admits that she feared her casual drinking "was becoming important . . . I literally woke up one day and thought, "Okay, I think I better not do this anymore.' " Curtis says being sober has vastly improved her relationship with her daughter: "Did we have a fight because of those two glasses of wine at dinner, or whatever?" As for speaking out about it now, Curtis says, "I don't want to live with secrets. I want to live an open, happy life . . . (Sobriety) is a huge blessing. I'm proud to be able to say that in front of my daughter. I'm thrilled."

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