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Dear Ann Landers: I am a single, 35-year-old woman. My sister "Charlotte" and my mother do not get along very well. This has been an ongoing problem for as far back as I can remember.

Charlotte's son is getting married soon, and she has asked me to stick to Mom like glue during and after the wedding to make sure Mom doesn't cause any trouble. She has a tendency to talk too much, and has had run-ins with other family members. The prospect of spending the entire evening glued to my mother is depressing. She is a royal pain in the you-know-what, and I would not enjoy the festivities.

I am beginning to think of excuses to avoid going to the wedding, even though Charlotte would never forgive me. Do you have any suggestions?

- Pigtail Petunia in the Midwest

Dear Petunia: There is no way you can ditch the wedding without causing lifelong hard feelings, so deep-six the thought. I don't see how sticking to your mother like glue is going to make her behave any better, but do it because your sister asked you to.

If you have some nieces or nephews who might give you periodic relief (for maybe $5), enlist their services, and have a little fun.

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