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If an extra $19 million were to suddenly appear in Town of Amherst bank accounts this week, a wide range of capital improvement projects would be completed in the next six years.

Another 10,000 square feet would be added on to Town Hall to accommodate a need for more office space.

A new branch library would be constructed in the Ransom Oaks area.

And a driving range would be built at Audubon Golf Course.

Dozens of smaller, less visible projects would be done, too: building new sanitary sewers, replacing water lines, resurfacing parking lots -- even replacing the town's scum-removal system.

But reality, of course, will dictate a much skimpier list of capital improvement projects. The town has $1.3 million earmarked for the projects in 2001 -- a far cry from the $19 million wished for. The department heads have all submitted to Supervisor Susan J. Grelick a list of projects they would like to see done sometime between 2001 and 2006.

By the end of September, before she submits her proposed 2001 town budget, Grelick will pare that list down.

Before any cuts, 73 projects made the list. They include:

Construction of a flood-control project to provide protection for 25 years to the Ransom Oaks area. Cost: $4.7 million.

Demolition of the Yorktown water tank and improvement of the surrounding area for public use. Cost: $169,000.

Construction of a 400-foot extension to the roadway leading into the John James Audubon Municipal Complex. Cost: $293,500.

Improvements to Audubon Golf Course, including improving drainage, cart paths and sand traps. Cost: $1.32 million.

Construction of a Lehigh Valley multiuse trail along the I-290, linking the North Forest Pool and the Willow Ridge bike path. Cost: $1.26 million.

Improvements to Bassett Park, including building public restrooms, a parking lot and bocce ball courts. Cost: $325,000.

Construction of a 3,100 square foot addition to the Court Building to add processing space, cells and additional parking. Cost: $839,750.

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