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Many years ago the great city of Niagara Falls, N.Y., was a sparkling jewel on our border with Canada, and was widely regarded as the greatest natural wonder in the entire world. Industry once thrived here hand in hand with the majestic beauty of our greater Niagara Frontier and the surrounding conurbation known as the city of Niagara Falls.

In years past, visitors flocked here by the millions to enjoy the spectacular attractions. However, the once fecund metropolis of Niagara Falls, New York, is, unfortunately, not even a shadow of its formerly regal self. Where once young couples came to begin life, now a majority of the youth of the community seek more verdant pastures in other areas. Our natural resources have been overlooked and maligned for years by the various sycophants who have been ensconced in political office. And these same nurturers of their own miniature fiefdoms constantly spend what hard-earned tax dollars are left in the city coffers on red herrings and pork barrels while our streets and sidewalks are barely negotiable.

Protestations in public forums and to the fourth estate, the local press, have fallen on deaf ears. It seems as if everyone in our fair city is more concerned with getting all they can and giving nothing back to replenish their plunder. We have a great jewel in the rough here, which could be a wonderful place to live once again. However, I am not comfortable to stand by and watch our children's future crumble one neglected brick at a time.

For myself, those of us who want our city back, and for the city herself were she able to ask: Please help us!


Niagara Falls