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All My Children: Greenlee informed Derek about the missing money from After Leo persuaded Derek to investigate the books, Ryan was arrested but insisted that he was set up. Greenlee visited a jailed Ryan and lashed out at him. Gillian and Jake grew closer, as she helped him recover. As chaos ensued at Bianca's party, she and Erica came to blows. Adam poured out his heart to Liza, who was deeply affected by his life-changing decision, and sought guidance from Marian. Adam asked Jake for forgiveness. Coming: Arlene shares gossip with Liza.

As the World Turns: Craig made a discovery that changed everything for him. Rose pleaded her case with Holden, while Lucinda and Iva uncovered the connection between Lily and Rose. Lily asked Simon to stay in town, as she wrestled with deciding whom she sees in her future. As Molly and Jake's relationship deepened, she feared that her past with David might affect her future hopes. Isaac got closer to exposing Andy's lies. Coming: Julia gets a fright.

Bold and Beautiful: Although encouraged when Brooke said that she is the most important person in her life, Bridget was dismayed when Brooke added that their trips together will continue after she and Thorne are married. To tantalize Thorne, Kimberly deliberately took a shower while he was next door, knowing that Thorne could see her. Thorne came to Kimberly's house but rejected her completely. He then told the Forresters of his intention to marry Brooke. Stephanie argued with C.J. over safety lapses in his and Amber's care of little Eric. To avoid being sent to jail, Amber prepared to move back to the Forrester estate, but insisted that C.J. move in as well. Coming: Kimberly refuses to stop pursuing Thorne.

Days of Our Lives: Greta and Austin traveled to the castle, following instructions she had to obey in order to earn her title and claim her inheritance. However, Greta remained skeptical and felt that she was being tricked. Sami and Brandon staged a breakup to rekindle Angela's interest in him. Before Belle, Shawn and Philip were able to tell Chloe about the bet for the dance, Jan and her buddies were ready to reveal the awful truth. Victor demanded to know whether Lucas ever told Nicole about Franco's murder. After receiving another pep talk, Hattie told the disguised Rolf that she wants to go ahead with the surgery. Coming: Hope's fears about the baby intensify.

General Hospital: With Jason's encouragement, Carly overcame her cold feet and married Sonny. After Emily covered for Zander with the police, a surprising bond began to form between them. Unaware of these new developments, Nikolas teamed up with Juan to search for Emily. Horrified to overhear a conversation between Helena and Lucky, Liz made a timely appearance and later triggered Lucky's mind. Mac maintained Luke's guilt after Luke lashed out regarding his bogus evidence. Alexis was removed from Luke's case, leaving Scott to defend him. Coming: Jason has news about Emily.

Guiding Light: Claire questioned Michelle's sudden interest in her life, while Michelle was surprised by Claire's medical findings. Selena shared her past with Blake but soon began to regret her candor. Marah and Tony secretly planned their first date. Josh and Reva shared an emotional bond over her newfound cause. Frank and Reva's mission turned life-threatening as they searched for answers. Harley told Susan how she changed her life. Coming: Things don't go as hoped for Marah.

One Life to Live: Having learned from the DNA test that Sam is Matthew's father, Bo was ready to let go of the past but was shocked to discover that Nora thinks they're still married. Blair tricked Kelly into signing over her shares of the Sun and planned to turn over control of the paper to Todd. Cristian and Will had a bitter confrontation after Jessica told Will that she had slept with Cristian. Max ended their fight by calling the police, who arrested Will, but Jessica believed that Cristian was behind the arrest. Roseanne and Antonio made love, while Sophia fantasized about being with him. Coming: Bo tells Nora the painful truth.

Passions: After Whitney was inadvertently responsible for having Chad's apartment building condemned, he was invited to move into the Russell home. Despite numerous interruptions, Ethan finally began to tell Gwen that he loves Theresa. Roger threatened to expose Hank's shady past to Sam unless he kills Sheridan. Sheridan was willing to start fresh if Luis would admit that he said he was using her, but Luis refused to lie, and a tearful Sheridan fled. This news caused Julian and Alistair to celebrate. Miguel couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Timmy moving. Coming: Tensions run high with Chad in residence.

Port Charles: Rachel was thrown by Livvie's harsh accusations as the rift between them widened. With Kevin's career secure, Lucy vowed to get answers from Livvie and was stunned to see her leaving with Chris. A manipulative Chris used a kiss from Livvie to his advantage and continued his mind games. Joe and Gabriela's hopes for an intimate night were stifled when his family turned up, offering support as he awaited his test results. The cops found Jamal at the boathouse, but Alison refused to give up on him. Coming: Kevin has important news for Livvie.

Young and Restless: Paul and Mary were elated, believing that Chris is pregnant, but a second test revealed that she is not carrying a child. When Chris admitted to Michael that she's not pregnant after all, they unexpectedly shared an embrace. Ashley tried to convince John, Jack, Jill and Nikki to give Brad a seat on the Jabot board, but encountered resistance. Mac refused to see Billy but wouldn't say why. Dru's agent admitted that he was wrong to have dropped her as a client and offered her a new contract, complete with a modeling opportunity in Paris. Tricia convinced Ryan to attend a therapy session. Coming: Nina struggles with confronting her past.