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I am writing to clarify my concerns about the town cutting many trees along Bergholtz Creek behind my house.

I have been told that these trees must be cut to allow access to the creek for the purpose of cleaning it with a large machine. Right now, on the bank adjacent to my property there are roughly 31 trees left since cutting began last week.

These trees provide a sound barrier and a visual barrier from Niagara Falls Boulevard for our neighborhood. Losing any of them will lower our quality of life. These trees also keep the bank of the creek from eroding. The shade they provide keeps the water cool enough to support fish. Many times I have seen a car slow down as it goes by because there is a great blue heron swimming in there.

I question whether the stream-cleaning practices implemented by the town are helping the drainage in our community. If the creek behind my house was cleaned three years ago, why should it need to be done again so soon? Is it because the vegetation on the banks of the stream was stripped away by large machinery causing erosion of the soil back into the creek?

As examples, just look at Bergholtz Creek in the vicinity of Shipman's Printing or Plaza Drive, where all of the brush has been cleared away. Trees and brush prevent erosion.

Their intentions may be good, but I wonder if town officials are overzealous in their desire to improve drainage.


Town of Wheatfield