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To Carl Mauck:

Maybe the problem with the Bills offensive line is you. How can any player look up to and respect a coach who rants and raves at them like you do on the sidelines?

As a fan watching the games, I get embarrassed when the TV cameras focus on your tantrums. Then the cameras focus on Wade's very calm appearance. You should consider the possibility that if you did your job with the players, they wouldn't mess up so often, and then you wouldn't have to show everyone your classless, uncouth behavior.

A good coach doesn't scream and scowl at his players in public. He is, however, responsible for his players. If they do not report in as an eligible receiver, it's your fault as well. You sent him in there!

I can't believe Wade Philips' decision to hire and keep such a hothead on his coaching staff. He can't say it's because Mauck is a fine coach because our offensive line is not -- just look at poor Rob Johnson's bruises.

And just who the heck is upstairs and looking at the replays then advises the coach to challenge the call with a review? You, sir, whoever you are, better get your eyes examined! And if there is no such person upstairs or wherever to advise the coach down on the sidelines, then I ask: why not?

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