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I had the opportunity to ask Hillary Clinton some rather pointed questions about education as she came out of the Wayside Family Restaurant in South Buffalo the other day.

I wanted to know why she sent her child to private schools but she wants to deny others who don't have the same financial resources the same opportunity. Clinton's defense is that Chelsea was put into a private school only after the family moved to Washington, and this was for security reasons only.

Clinton said she plans to devote her energies to improving our schools. I asked her how she planned to do that. By throwing more money at them? She has said education has been a major priority during her tenure as first lady. Well, the schools are worse now after seven and a half years of the Clinton administration.

I also asked her to explain how the ranking of Arkansas schools dropped from 49th to 50th while she and her husband were in the governor's mansion. She told me that was untrue. Oh, really? This fact has been well documented and she didn't deny it when Rick Lazio made the same point in their debate.

The bottom line is this: Clinton danced around the issue when I confronted her with some facts and hard questions. We should not trap children in an educational system that doesn't work.

I believe it's unfair to force me to subsidize an inferior school system and subject me to punitive high taxes, which makes it difficult for me to find the money necessary to send my three children to private or parochial school, where they would get the education they deserve.



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