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THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: In this political season, what's your favorite film about politics or politicians?

SOME COMMENTS: "I consider 'Parallax View,' with Warren Beatty, to be the best film about politics I have ever seen. It is not slick, and really not great visually, but in terms of disturbing plot twists and social commentary, plus a sense of the eerie paranoia of trying to uncover misdeeds of politicians, it is fantastic."

-- Ellen Martens, North Tonawanda

"My favorite flick is 'The Candidate' by Robert Redford. I saw the movie as a youngster and it showed the trials and tribulations of campaigning. It was a comedic type of thing. Redford's character wins the election and the last line is, 'What do we do now?' "

-- David Baltes

"My favorite political movie of all time is definitely 'Primary Colors,' and not because it is obviously inspired by the Clinton ascendancy, or even because it gives us an 'insider' view of election-year politics. Rather it's the film's exploration of who and what is real and who and what is fabricated that makes it brilliant and ultimately disturbing. Between the spin doctors, pollsters, hatchet people, public moments of "reaching out to the people' and private moments of deep sincerity, after watching 'Primary Colors,' I was left pondering not only the state of American politics, but how much of their souls our presidential candidates sell to win our vote and how much of our souls we sell in voting for them."

-- Cliff Parks Jr.

" 'All the President's Men' was my favorite political film of the last century. To this day, Deep Throat remains in the shadows as one of politics' greatest kept secrets."

-- Trish Richards

"My favorite film about politics or politicians is 'Bullworth,' starring Warren Beatty. The movie is straight and to the point. Unless they are brain dead, voters know that their favorite politicians often lie to them. Yet they pretend to believe all the promises and go ahead with the predictable programs, thus preserving the status quo. What a country!"

-- Norm Allen

"My favorite political movie is 'The Last Hurrah,' based basically on the life of Mayor James Curley of Boston who ended up in jail, and starring my favorite and considered by many people to be the greatest screen actor of all time, Spencer Tracy. Mr. Clinton, you should have watched this movie."

-- George Oleske, Colden

NEXT WEEK'S QUESTION: This week, Buffalo's theater season gets officially under way, including everything from comedy and drama to musicals. Let us know your favorite type of theater, and give us a memorable example.

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