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I was incensed when I read the front-page Sept. 15 article, "Dispute cuts meals to children." How can any credible newspaper print statements such as: "When the strike resumed Thursday, thousands of children missed their meals" and "When the teachers are out, there is no way of knowing how many of those children are eating well."

Please don't misunderstand. I believe the free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch program has a crucial place in our schools. But to blame the teachers for children not eating when the schools are closed is absolutely ludicrous.

Teachers take students on field trips - to the Buffalo Museum of Science, Theater of Youth productions, Tifft Nature Preserve and many other Western New York educational sites. These trips take place during the school year. Should we blame the teachers if the children don't go anywhere with their parents over the weekend or during the summer? Where does is it all end?

It seems to me there is only one solution. As soon as a child is born in Buffalo and is ready to leave the hospital, just send him or her to the Buffalo public schools so the teachers can get an early start on taking the blame.



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