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The FBI wants to interview a Canadian man who says he tried to stop passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from beating to death a man who had tried to break into the cockpit.

An autopsy report released last week said Jonathan Burton was killed by passengers who tried to restrain him after he kicked in the cockpit door Aug. 11. The U.S. attorney's office said that the 19-year-old's death, minutes before Flight 1763 was due to land, was unintentional and that criminal charges would not be filed.

The passenger sought by the FBI, Dean Harvey, told the Edmonton Journal that a large man climbed on a seat and repeatedly jumped on Burton's chest while four men held him still.

"I asked him to stop," Harvey told the newspaper. "I said: 'You've got the guy subdued, what more do you want? You don't have to pound his head in.' The guy was being held with his arms outstretched. He had no chance to absorb the shock."

FBI agents said they want to interview Harvey, who contacted the Edmonton newspaper after reading about the autopsy results.

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