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Why is it that AT&T, a billion-dollar company, is not responsible for its actions? We are in the process of adopting a baby and set up a 1-800 number through AT&T on July 26. On Aug. 4 it was disconnected without our knowledge or consent. The entire month of August, we advertised a number that wasn't working. We found this out when a customer service representative called to tell us someone had been trying to reach us and couldn't.

We will never be compensated for the lost opportunity of a potential son or daughter, nor does AT&T want to compensate us for the $900 it cost us in advertising and telephone services that we wasted because it disconnected our line.

The thing that bothers us the most is the condescending attitude we encountered. After speaking with four or five different people up the chain of command, we were told "AT&T is not responsible." They admitted it was their mistake, said it shouldn't have happened and that system safeguards should have caught it, but didn't.

We understand mistakes happen, but people should be held accountable for their actions. We expected an apology for the grief they caused us and an attempt to compensate our loss. The problem with our society is people just don't care. It is becoming harder and harder not to be cynical.



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