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My fiance and I went to the Bills season-opener on Sept. 3. I was barely able to watch the game, let alone enjoy my evening. At the end of the first quarter I observed a woman pulling her shorts down and urinating in the hallway. Needless to say, she was escorted away by security.

At half-time, a man was thrown out for being excessively drunk. He proceeded to climb the fence, where he hurt himself very badly and was taken away by paramedics.

In the third quarter, a man in my row hit another man behind him for urinating on him. When security came to eject the initial offender, one of his buddies pulled out a police badge and asked the security people not to eject his friend. The security people did as they were asked and went on their way. The friend then proceeded to talk to the man who was urinated on, and offered him $50 for compensation. The man took it.

Throughout the game, people in higher rows were throwing things at the people in front of us, who were Tennessee fans. They missed just about every time, and continued to hit us until we stood up and told them to stop.

What have we become, a bunch of animals or people who do not care what other people think of them? If this is what I am going to spend my hard-earned money on, I will stay home.



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