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The Sept. 8 News editorial, "Illegal and irresponsible," lambastes the Buffalo teachers' union and its job action. I think this newspaper, which has a nice monopoly in this town, should have been as vocal when the Buffalo Board of Education bargained in bad faith. If I'm not mistaken, it broke some laws, too. Where were the calls for court action then? Maybe if it were illegal for two or three corporations to own all of the major media outlets in one city, we would get a different slant on the news, but it isn't. That's because the corporate wealthy bought Congress and wrote the laws themselves. I believe it was called the Communications Act of 1996. Where was The News on that one?

The editorial staff has a lot of nerve calling the teachers irresponsible. I'd challenge any of the editors to get into the schools and teach in a classroom for a month or two and then be forced to listen to The News publish warped facts about how poorly the teachers are doing, as though the students are working for a paycheck and can be fired if they don't perform. Public school teachers are performing better than ever under very stressful conditions and there are facts to prove this. Why aren't they in the newspaper?

Good schools are labor-intensive and expensive. This great nation should gladly be putting its tax dollars into its schools. That money is especially needed in the cities. The News and its editors ought to be ashamed of themselves. They want to beat up the public schools, the teachers and the students, while at the same time they support some of the rhetoric of tax breaks that serve to deny the monies needed by those same schools. The News is irresponsible and arrogant.



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