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The Town of Boston expects to receive state and federal emergency funds to repair and prevent further loss of creek bank along Eighteen-Mile Creek due to this year's heavy rains and a previous year's flooding, Supervisor Lisa Rood said at Wednesday night's Town Board meeting.

"Close to 100 feet of the creek's bank has been lost over the last two years," said Highway Superintendent Wayne C. Kreitzbender.

Rood said the flooding of the section of the creek behind Town Hall has "especially endangered" the highway barns and salt storage barns.

She said representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the state Emergency Management Office walked along two miles of the creek with her to observe the damage.

"Rip-rap will be used to mitigate damage from 1998 and this summer's flooding and repair lost feet from the bank," she said.

Kreitzbender said the town also expects to be reimbursed for repairs to Dunn Road, where road gravel was washed away.

At the last board meeting, residents complained that flooded ditches, eroding properties and overflowing culvert pipes from this summer's heavy rains were concerns.

In another matter, the Town Board passed two local laws regarding the town's fee schedule for permits. One law unifies all the fees, including dog licenses, zoning and subdivisions, into one central location.

The second law would allow the town to set fees by resolution, Town Attorney Michael Perley said.

In other business, it was announced that:

The Rice Hill Road water line is completed, and residents are receiving water.

A community development block grant public hearing will be held at 7:35 p.m. Oct. 18.

A request from People Inc. for a building permit and zoning variance was referred to the Planning Board.

Residents with ponds located near a main road are encouraged to allow those ponds to be used in the case of a fire emergency. Markers would be placed on the main road so firefighters can locate the ponds.

Residents can call Councilman Damian P. Wiktor or the fire chief if they are willing to make their ponds available for fire fighting.

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