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I watched the Hillary Clinton/Rick Lazio debate with great interest. I've been leaning toward Clinton in the Senate race because I think we need a few "carpetbaggers" in our midst to shake up the good ol' boy network and maybe get some real work done for the citizens of this state, but I wanted to hear what Lazio had to say.

Clinton now has my support 100 percent. Why? Because of the stunt Lazio pulled at the end of the debate, pulling out a "contract" and demanding that Clinton sign it then and there. Not only did he flagrantly break the rules of the debate as to the use of no props - showing his true character, in my opinion - but he also showed a total lack of judgment.

Who in their right mind would sign a contract without reading it? What kind of person expects someone to do this? Clinton did the right thing by not signing that "contract" and instead telling Lazio she would shake on it - which I noticed he refused to do.

There were other points that swayed me further into Clinton's camp, but that final stunt of the evening - and let's not call it anything other than what it was, a stunt - put me firmly on her side.



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