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Hillary Clinton was revealed to be exactly who she is in the debate with Rick Lazio - a woman who lacks accountability, exploits her position as first lady and promotes victimhood rather than empowerment. As a professional working mother of three children, I do not consider Clinton a role model for anyone, let alone a leader with honesty and integrity.

Case in point: I remember the morning she spoke with Matt Lauer regarding the Monica Lewinsky scandal. She defended her husband and made the claim that it was a "vast right-wing conspiracy." I was astounded that the Republicans would make such an unethical move and felt great compassion for her.

However, it was true that her husband had had an affair, and it was false that it was a right-wing conspiracy. Since that day, I have been waiting for an apology from Clinton for furthering the division between groups. She was given that opportunity last evening and chose victimhood over accountability.

As a woman and a mother, I choose not to support someone who has been an enabler to a man who has abused women. I choose not to support someone who feels that the government needs to care for people more than people caring for themselves. I do choose to be empowered rather than a victim. I do choose to be accountable rather than to blame others. Give back my tax money and let me care for the needs of my own family.


East Aurora

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