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After watching last night's debate, I am more convinced than ever that I do not want Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate. She has been in New York a very short time and cannot possibly know all of our problems and interests.

She has been part of the most corrupt administration in history, worse than Nixon. She has a very poor memory on many things. She couldn't remember work she did for the Rose Law Firm, and didn't know where the missing files were that finally turned up in her office with her fingerprints all over them. The health care plan she dreamed up was a disaster for senior citizens.

Clinton says she wants better schools, which in her mind means giving them more money. She wants more funding for breast cancer prevention, but doesn't say where the money will come from. If elected, she will cater to labor unions and left-leaning liberals and will vote for any tax increase that comes up. She believes that big government is the solution to all problems. She cannot be trusted.

Rick Lazio has a very good congressional record. I think he won the debate and should be our next senator. Hillary was very good at talking all around the questions, but she never really answered them. And why would she not sign the soft money ban?



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