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I would like to address several issues regarding the Hillary Clinton-Rick Lazio debate. I thought Clinton tried to stick to the issues, unlike her opponent, who seemed to resort to child-like bullying of our first lady.

I feel we have gotten off course when judging candidates in a political race. Right after the debate, there were polls and questions asking, "Who do you think won?" This was not a boxing match. And yet, sometimes I feel political races are reduced to that. I would like to think we make a decision based on substance and a candidate's sincerity for the issues that matter to us.

Shame on Tim Russert for asking Clinton to view the "Today" tape, when Matt Lauer asked her if she thought her husband should be impeached. At that time, she thought her husband was innocent and she answered accordingly. How was that question pertinent to her campaign or her issues?

I would like to know why countless reporters think they are leaving their mark for asking Clinton provocative or embarrassing questions. This woman has had to endure the worst kind of public humiliation and scrutiny, and through it all she has done so with class. I think her intellect, strength and tenacity intimidate many. If nothing else, she has my utmost respect and admiration.


West Seneca

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