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A police officer shot to death a 46-year-old man after the man led police on a chase and twice tried to run down the officer, police said.

Robert Gendrin, 46, of Waverly died Monday of a gunshot wound to the chest. Officer David DeKay suffered minor injuries when he tried to stop Gendrin, said Waverly Police Chief Larry Preston.

The incident started at about 3 p.m. in Waverly, 30 miles west of Binghamton, when Gendrin ignored DeKay, who was trying to stop him for driving with a suspended license.

After a chase, DeKay caught up with Gendrin in the parking lot of a former fuel station. As dozens of construction workers watched, DeKay got out of his patrol car, drew his gun and ordered Gendrin to get out of the car, Preston said. Instead, Gendrin threw his car into reverse and ran into DeKay, who recovered to find Gendrin driving toward him again.

DeKay was thrown onto the hood of a car, but he fired a fatal shot through the windshield at the driver, Preston said.

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