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As I sat and watched the Rick Lazio/Hillary Clinton debate, I kept asking myself: Why are so many people excited about Clinton? For eight years, she has had the direct ear of the most powerful man on earth. If she really cared about New York, she could have demonstrated that to the struggling people of this region by being involved in the issues that our people care about: jobs, taxes, declining population and education reform. The reality is that she has done nothing.

Throughout the debate, she mentioned new government programs and spending that will "help" this region. Who pays for these programs? It is not the government. It is the taxpayers. If the projected federal surplus does not materialize, are people willing to pay for another tax hike?

Personally, I do not care that she is not a native New Yorker. I could even overlook the numerous alleged scandals. But I do care that she has manipulated the public sentiment toward her through media control. Don't Clinton supporters care that she screened her questions in her "interview" with CNN's Wolf Blitzer at the University at Buffalo? Or the fact that she hasn't taken a real, unstaged interview during this entire campaign? It does not appear that she can operate without her script.

Lazio's credibility is solid. His congressional district is growing at a far better rate than ours. His plans for tax cuts put more money back into all of our pockets. And the reality is that the Senate is highly unlikely to change to Democrat control any time soon. With as many members of the Senate who dislike Clinton, will her agenda be heard? Is it really wise for New York to have two minority-party senators?


West Seneca

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