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Pro-life lawmakers pushed through a proposal Tuesday aimed at prohibiting the use of federal money to distribute the so-called morning-after pill in the nation's public schools.

The drug can be used after unprotected sex to stop a pregnancy, and House supporters of the proposal said 180 schools across the country distribute it at school-based clinics.

A similar proposal had been included in the Senate version of the education spending bill being negotiated by House and Senate conferees. That proposal, however, had already been rejected once by negotiators.

The procedural maneuver led by Oklahoma Republican Rep. Tom Coburn, which is nonbinding, encourages the House negotiators to reinstate the proposal in conference. It passed 250-170.

Still, it provided an election-year challenge for Democrats who may have been leery of touching the sensitive issue.

Opponents said the drug was merely a "high dose of birth control pills."

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