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It is boring and disappointing that the media is giving so much coverage to the major party candidates and so little to third-party candidates.

Thankfully, the Aug. 30 News featured an accurate, unbiased account of Ralph Nader's speech in Buffalo. On the same day, Donn Esmonde wrote an insightful column explaining why Nader deserves to be heard at the debates.

One of the bumper stickers that the Green Party is distributing on behalf of Nader says, "Vote your hopes not your fears: vote third party." We need to see and hear more of this, especially in the presidential debates. These debates should include all of the candidates, not just the two from the major parties. Then we'll see real debates, with more issues brought up.

The United States is supposed to be a democracy, yet the two major parties act as if they rule by divine right. Sadly, most of the media support this theory and the people vote accordingly, fearful that they are "throwing away" their vote unless they vote for the major party candidate they dislike the least.

It's time to change our way of thinking about elections and to vote for the candidates in whom we believe, whether we think they "have a chance" or not. If more of us take this approach to voting, we may have some pleasantly surprising results on Election Day.

West Seneca

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