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The Jamestown City Council on Monday night unanimously approved an amended fee schedule for Fire Department services -- changes lawmakers hope will bring another $50,000 to $75,000 into city coffers.

Public Safety Committee Chairman Vincent Joy Jr. pointed out that city officials had been working on the revised fees for the past several months.

"We boiled it down to fees that we're entitled to that would be billable to insurance companies for various services provided by the Fire Department, and I wanted to thank the fire chief for that," Joy said.

New fees would be charged under the schedule worked out with Fire Chief Samuel Arcadipane. They include:

Vehicle fire suppression -- $250.

Hazardous materials mitigation -- $250 plus field expenses.

For technical rescue, light duty would be billed $250, heavy duty, $500, and industrial/commercial, $750.

Deputy Chief Lance Hedlund said there is no change in the annual service charge for master alarm boxes, which will remain at $150. But, Hedlund said, the new schedule clarifies how that charge is applied.

The Council also approved an amendment to the city code that would limit Livingston Avenue in the city to "local truck traffic only."

Resolution sponsor Anthony Dolce said the proposal was in response to Livingston Avenue residents' concern about increased truck traffic.

"What we have come up with through the Public Safety Committee is an amendment (that) will now restrict it to local truck traffic only. It will not be a truck route," Dolce said.

In another matter, the Council authorized Mayor Sam Teresi to apply for $125,000 in "Weed & Seed" program funding from the U.S. Justice Department. The money will be used by the Police Department to weed out crime in specific target areas, and to allow the city's Department of Development to work on improving that neighborhood.

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