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It's time Phil Rumore and the Buffalo Teachers Federation look at a map and realize where they are teaching school. This is not Amherst or Lancaster. This is the City of Buffalo. I have to work three jobs to earn what a Buffalo public school teacher earns in one year -- or more accurately, 180 days out of the year with all holidays off, the whole summer off, paid personal days and sick time, and fully paid health insurance. I have to pay two-thirds of my health insurance premiums, receive no paid sick or personal days, work 52 weeks per year and only get two holidays off (unpaid). I would be willing to bet that my situation is the norm among parents who have children in this school district.

I know the job of a teacher in this day and age is not an easy one. But not many people have an easy job, and certainly very few are compensated adequately for what they do. And very few have the job security a teacher is afforded through tenure. Yet for all the teachers get and all they want in raises and benefits, Buffalo has one of the poorest academic records in the state.

I think it's time for the teachers to stop complaining and put forth the effort in their jobs that they put into constantly complaining about everything that's wrong with this district. If it's so bad, maybe they need to look elsewhere for work.



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