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As a longtime reader of The News, I feel I must write and comment about the incredibly biased reporting of The News on this year's U.S. Senate race. For the past couple of months, one could assume that the Republican candidate was in control of what was printed in the paper.

The president and first lady have opted to make our Empire State their home. That's quite a boost for our state. Simply by her status, Mrs. Clinton offers our residents a network of connections to world leaders everywhere.

The News continually emphasizes that not all women favor her candidacy. That is really not an unusual phenomenon. However, most informed and intelligent females with whom I come in contact recognize the enormous value of having her as a legislator and eagerly look forward to giving her their vote.

Her opponent's claim to fame is that he was born on Long Island, something with which most Western New Yorkers have little in common.

One's gender and birth place mean little to me. I want representatives who are activists about our environment and the education of our future generations, and who are willing to build upon the enormous economic gains created during the Clinton-Gore years.

I want smart, articulate and hard-working people in office. I want someone in the Senate who is a proponent for "real" family values. Parenting is the most difficult task one can assume, and Chelsea Clinton is proof-positive that Mrs. Clinton has done a remarkable job. Yet these attributes seem to be either absent or well-hidden in The News.

New Yorkers have not always made wise choices when voting. Hillary Rodham Clinton offers us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She would make an outstanding senator from New York. I wonder what we'll do with it.



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