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Even after leaving office, Dennis Gorski has found a way to slap the faces of registered nurses at Erie County Medical Center. It has now come to light that he approved a wonderful severance package for Paul Candino last fall, after so many lies to the nurses. Gorski said he had no money to give raises, so we settled for a very poor contract. Yet by some miracle, he found quite a bit of extra money to pay for raises and other perks for the blue-collar unions just before election time.

Now Candino gets a fantastic severance package, which the Erie County taxpayers will pay for, and the nurses get nothing. Nothing, that is, except promises. We are told to be patient, and that our time is coming. Well, when will that time come?

Do we strike, like the teachers do? No, we try to be patient and do our jobs as professionals. Our patients deserve that from us. But I know I speak for many of the nurses when I say that our patience is getting very slim. The time to take care of the registered nurses is now, with no more of the old Gorski rhetoric.



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