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Mandy Steingasser's last night, Sept. 19-20, 1993

--7 p.m. - Mandy, 17, is picked up by three friends at her home on Greenwood Circle. They head out for a night of partying and drinking. Mandy promises her parents she will be home by midnight.

--7:15 p.m. - Car stops at Frank's Liquors on 14 Webster Street, N. Tona. Wayne Mielcarek, a friend of Mandy's in his 20s, goes in to buy bottles of whiskey and rum.

--7:30 p.m. - Mandy and her friends - Mielcarek, Brian Frank and Stacie Blazynski - stop to have some drinks at Wayne's apartment at 194 Ironton Street.

--9 p.m. - The four try to go to a bar on Forest Avenue in Buffalo to see a rock band. They are turned away at the door because the girls are underage.

--9:30 p.m. - The four stop at a home of a friend on Chandler Street in Buffalo's Black Rock section, for more drinking.

--11:30 p.m. - Back to Wayne Mielcarek's apartment on Ironton. They play cards and do some more drinking.

--1 a.m. - Someone tells the group about a house party on First Avenue, not far away. They decided to walk over.

--1:10 a.m. - As the group walks near Center and Oliver streets, several men pull up in a car and mistakenly accuse Mielcarek and Frank of harassing a woman who lives nearby. The men from the car attack Frank, knocking him to the ground and kicking him as he lay on the ground. One attacker slashes Mielcarek with a broken liquor bottle. Someone calls police and the attackers drive away.

--1:20 a.m. - After deciding to walk home by herself, Mandy heads north on Oliver. As she passes a convenience store at Fifth Avenue, a male student she knows from North Tonawanda High School stops by and offers her a ride. She accepts.

--1:25 a.m. - According to the man who picked her up, Mandy changes her mind about going home, so he drives her back to a church on Oliver near First, dropping her off. Police dispute the man's account. Mandy is never seen alive again.

--Oct. 25, 1993 - Five weeks after her disappearance, Mandy's body, disfigured by animals, is found by two men looking for mushrooms at Bond Lake County Park in Lewiston.