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Q: Web pages load so slowly on my PC. What can I do?

A: If it's the information you're interested in -- not the pictures -- try speeding things up by turning off the images in your browser. In Netscape Navigator, de-select Auto Load Images under the Options menu. With Internet Explorer, choose Internet Options under the View menu, then click the Advanced tab. Now uncheck Show Pictures.

Q: Do I need permission to use graphics on my Web site?

A: That depends on the source. Any time you wish to use a graphic from any Web site, be sure to contact the site's owner and ask permission. That's your responsibility -- both legally and ethically. Some sites, though, offer clip art or copyright-free images, which you can use without permission. For more, check out or

Q: My bookmark list is getting so long. What can I do?

A: If you feel as if you have to scroll and scroll to wade through all your bookmarks, then it's time to get filing. Browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer allow you to create organizational folders. With Internet Explorer, go to the Favorites menu, then select New Folder. Name the new folder, then continue to add as many folders as you need. Next, go to Organize Folders and drag bookmarks into folders.

Q: How do I find a quote about winning on the Web? I'm looking for one to use a report I'm writing.

A: Try Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (the old standby is online) at That'll get you the classics from literature. Or go to Quoteland at It sorts quotes by topic, author and has a whole area for humorous quotations.

Q: What's a good site to help me with geography?

A: Check out "The World Factbook 1999" by the CIA at It lists the basics on almost any nation (geography, people, government, economy, the military and more). Or click on "Reference Maps" to get an updated look at world regions.

Q: My friends e-mail abbreviations like "BBL." How can I learn the lingo?

A: Those are shortcuts for communicating. BBL stands for "be back later" -- but it doesn't seem so simple if you're not down with the abbreviation. To get in the know, go to and click on the "search for acronyms." Soon you'll LOL at all the cool phrases you know.

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