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Two teen-age boys found dead at a Brooklyn subway station were hit by a train, the medical examiner's office said Monday.

The boys, who suffered massive head injuries, were identified by police as Cory Hammerstone and William Quinn, both 15, from Bensonhurst.

The bodies were discovered at 7:19 a.m. Sunday in the open-air Bay Parkway Station on the N Line in Bensonhurst by workers on a passing train.

The motorman of a Manhattan-bound train reported seeing one body on the adjoining express track, and his conductor noticed the other body lying face up on the platform.

Police were still investigating how the boys were hit. One theory is that they slipped while "surfing" -- clinging to the outside of the train; another is that one boy slipped and the other tried to pull him up from the tracks.

Transit officials initially said they did not believe the boys had been hit by a train.

Spokesman James Anyansi said Sunday, "If the train goes over anything at all, no matter how little, the brakes usually get activated."

Anyansi had no comment Monday, saying the matter was being handled by the police.

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