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Titans 16, Rams 23


RAMS (D): What running game? The game plan was pass, pass, pass. But the Rams could have used some good, hard running on all those trips inside the Titans' 20-yard line.

TITANS (A): George is a joy to watch. Tough, huge, strong, fast. Did we mention tough? He had great TD runs. Too bad McNair couldn't sustain any drives in the first half.


RAMS (A): Rams had too many weapons. Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Hakim, etc. Warner spread ball beautifully and showed great accuracy. Pass protection included double-teams of Kearse. Bruce made great winning play.

TITANS (C): McNair looked like the guy who was not Super vs. Bills and Colts. He's not a great pocket passer. He hit some possession throws. He's strong. He's gutsy. He made some exceptional scrambles.


RAMS (B): Unit showed it is tough, maybe not as good as its No. 1 ranking, but solid. George outmuscled them in second half, but tackling was solid. Once again, it got help from great Ram offense.

TITANS (B): Irrelevant.


RAMS (B): There wasn't a ton to shut down. Titans rarely went downfield to the wideouts. But Rams blitzed often when McNair got in third and long. Mike Jones made great tackle on game's final play.

TITANS (D): Titans quickly found themselves in a jam. Aside from CB Rolle, the other Titan DBs couldn't match up with Ram wideouts. Titans couldn't blitz much, except in red zone. Walker burned for winning TD.


RAMS (C): Rough first half. Horan muffed hold on 1st FG try. Wilkins botches 34-yard attempt, makes three chip shots. Lyght blocks FG to start third quarter.

TITANS (C): Hentrich's punting was outstanding, as always. Coverage was good in first half. But Del Greco failed twice from 47. No miracles left for this unit.


RAMS (A): Offensive coordinator Mike Martz threw away last week's staid game plan. Attack! Attack! Attack! Vermeil makes a statement for value of coaching experience.

TITANS (B ): No way Fisher could hide his suspect DBs against Rams' four- and five-wideout sets. Titans played their usual game. Rams offense was just one play too good for them.

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