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The Newstead Zoning Board of Appeals granted a use variance to David Dulanski to house two miniature horses on his property after attaching some conditions.

Planners, who met last week with Dulanski to discuss his proposed use of the land, reviewed photographs that show the actual size of a miniature horse to be about one-quarter the size of a normal horse.

Dulanski said he wanted to keep the horses on his 1.89 acres of land to allow his children to participate in the 4-H program. He pointed out that his neighbors own two large dogs and that their food consumption is greater than the two miniature horses.

Grazing is not a problem, Dulanski told the board, as well as producing manure, which he plans to use for his vineyard flower and vegetable gardens. He said that no opposition was voiced by his immediate neighbor, Ray Seguin, and further noted that he does not plan to board other horses or buy any more.

The board, meanwhile, reviewed a previous request for a variance granted to a family on Barnum Road to keep one cow for a 4-H project. Approval is on a yearly renewal, planners said, and when the children are gone, the variance will be revoked.

Board members -- after reviewing all information submitted -- approved the request for a variance.

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