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I wholeheartedly agree with the author of a recent letter criticizing City Comptroller Anthony Nanula's pay raises. Now if only more people would speak up, especially with their vote.

Giving out these raises had to be the ultimate insult to the people of Buffalo. As a matter of fact, all of the salaries of Buffalo's elected officials, and their aides, assistants, etc., are in direct conflict with the condition of the local economy.

In a recent News story, the leaders of Buffalo were expressing their worries over how to make ends meet. These are the quality people who deserve such high salaries?

Common Council President James Pitts accepted that incredible pay raise last year and supported the raises Nanula proposed. Is he working in the same Buffalo that is in serious financial trouble? How do these people sleep knowing that many people cannot even afford food?

Common sense would dictate that salaries for elected officials should be based on local economic conditions and not on comparisons to other cities. Also, with our shrinking population, we do not need so many politicians.

It's plain to see that Buffalo cannot afford these "quality people." And we cannot afford to keep letting them run a once-great city into the ground for their own personal gain.

A simple start would be to form a resolution to cut all salaries in half. If these "quality people" wish to quit, I think the city could withstand the loss. Or to be more concise, I think it would appreciate the gain!



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