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Wilson Theater Report Card:

Seating -- F: If the Bills adjust the seats properly as I believe they will, then this rating would change to "satisfactory.

Men's lower bowl restrooms -- F: The far left and right restrooms were cut in half and one of the doors was eliminated, making it hard to get in and out and causing crowded conditions. Absolutely unacceptable.

Thermos ban -- F: All this accomplished was to penalize the majority who come to enjoy the game. Those that drink too much reach this point in the parking lots long before game time.

Highly visible security personnel -- A: I am sure that the number of persons ejected from the Theater decreased from last year. I believe that this was due to the increase in the security personnel and their easily distinguishable jackets rather than the ban on thermos bottles.

Egress from lower bowl -- F: A fried bread concession trailer located near Section 140 in the lower bowl on the "Bills side of the Theater proved to be a real obstacle at the end of each game. As thousands of fans streamed toward the scoreboard end of the Theater, they were funneled and jammed together because of this concession stand that was placed smack in the right of way. It had the effect of closing two lanes to traffic on a four-lane highway.

Buffalo Jills -- A: They were awesome in those new dark blue "velvet outfits. All their outfits look good but the "velvet was special. They seem to get better every year.

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