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Restaurant inspections are conducted by the Niagara County Health Department.

Every establishment that serves food is evaluated at least annually by the department. Restaurants rated as high-risk, because they serve children or the elderly or serve foods that require a lot of processing or are prepared hours or days before serving, are inspected at least twice a year.

There is no rating for exemplary restaurants; only violations are noted.

Many restaurants will have one violation or more at one time or another. They are coded by the Health Department as: critical items that could lead to food-borne illness, which must be immediately attended to; or as items relating to sanitation, design, maintenance and cleanliness, which must be corrected by the next regular inspection or as soon as an inspector returns.

Johnson Creek Family Restaurant, 9195 Ridge Road. Critical violation: One (eggs on counter not maintained at safe temperature, corrected and discarded at this time). Sanitation, design, etc.: Six (floor tiles missing by back door; wall behind grill has grease splatters; floors under equipment have grime accumulation; shelving is rusty in walk-in-cooler; ice cream freezer needs defrosting; improper dish washing procedure observed). Inspected Dec. 29.

Julie's Seebreeze, 7790 Ridge Road. Critical violations: Two (potentially hazardous food not kept at safe temperatures; foods on counters not kept at safe temperatures). Sanitation, design, etc.: Six (paint is worn on floor and is not easily cleanable; premises unorganized and cleaning not done immediately; bag of cabbage on floor in back room; unnecessary items not related to food service present; tuna noodle packages improperly thawed; some lights need to be shielded in kitchen). Inspected Dec. 10.

Delphi Harrison Building No. 9, 200 Upper Mountain Road. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: Eight (food particles on bottom of cooler at grill end of line; stir fry oil bottle not labeled; cake is in unprotected area, corrected and moved behind line; salad dressings not under sneeze guard area; dust around kitchen ceiling fans, dish area and walk-in cooler; no immediate hot water at handwashing sink; four light shields missing from storeroom lights; painted surfaces worn off at beverage area, pass-through doors, and walk-in cooler doors). Inspected Dec. 14. As of re-inspection Jan. 14, sanitation, design, etc.: (two light shields missing from storeroom lights; leak from drain at disposal sink in cooking area).

Groff's Tavern, 92 Union St. No violations. Inspected Dec. 22.

Hoagie Brothers, 5889 S. Transit Road. Critical violation: One (meatballs need to be maintained at safe hot-holding temperature). Sanitation, design, etc.: Two (light shield needed in back storage area; flooring under shelves in walk-in cooler need to be cleaned). Inspected Dec. 21.

John and Mary's, 5690 S. Transit Road. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: Two (light not shielded in walk-in cooler; cardboard mats on floor of walk-in cooler need to be replaced with rubber mats). Inspected Dec. 8.

Navy Marine Club, 37 Park Ave. No violations. No food preparation, only prepackaged snacks. Inspected Dec. 13.

The Palace Theatre, 2 East Ave. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: One (improper storage of ice scoop). Inspected Dec. 2.

Rapids Volunteer Fire Company, 7195 Plank Road. No violations. Inspected Dec. 22.

Reid's Drive-In, 150 Lake Ave. Sanitation, design, etc.: One (hard to reach areas not routinely cleaned). Inspected Dec. 13.

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Falconer and Thompson streets. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: Two (old chopper in rolling pin drawer is pitted and needs to be removed; probe-type thermometer needed to monitor hot and cold food temperatures). Inspected Dec. 21.

Leon's Summit Pizza, 6929 Williams Road. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: One (sauce needs to be kept covered when not busy, corrected at this time). Inspected Dec. 8.

Mrs. Rich's Bakery, 6929 Williams Road. No violations. Inspected Jan. 10.

Independent Ideas, 273 Young St. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: Two (improper technique used at three-bay sink, corrected at this time; one shielded light not working and one not secured properly to ceiling in walk-in cooler). Inspected Dec. 16.

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